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Tosca Vita Dolce LauraThis part of the site is meant to introduce ourselves, but especially our animals. We hope we can give information about our animals and animals in general and that we can get in touch with other animal lovers. J With this site, we hope to give a positive image of ourselves.
This site gives the opportunity for breeders of one or more of our animals to stay easily in contact with us and to follow how the animals are doing here. All our dogs live indoors and can play each day in our garden. We do canine sports with all of them.

We are a family from Belgium (Antwerp). We are very big animal lovers and we spend a huge part of our free time on activities with (our) animals.  


We have chosen the Italian name Felici Animali as title of our site which means literally « happy animals ». We try to do everything to make our animals as happy as possible. Our dream is that all animals can be happy. To achieve this, a worldwide change must take place…
We dedicate this site to (our) animals who make us also very happy.

Havana DaliaSince September 2008 we have officially a kennel named Havanese del Paradiso di Cani. It's Italian for « of the Paradise of Dogs ». We have planned to breed in future with some of our Havanese. To find out more about it, you can visit the other part of our site (this is a direct link: del Paradiso di Cani).

A third part of our website is dedicated to the English Cocker Spaniel.


You’re welcome to take a look at our site!

If you have any questions or if you want some information about our animals, about possible births, about activities, about the care of them, … you may always contact us:


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Linda Van den Broecke
Kristine & Laura Goossens

& our Felici Animali


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