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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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This part of the website is dedicated to the Havanese (Bichon Havanais, Havanezer, Havaneser). Since many years we are in love with this very nice breed. In 2004 we took our first Havanese into our house. At the moment we have nine Havanese. They are all unique in colour and character. For us it's daily a great joy and pleasure to be surrounded by so many super sweet dogs! All our dogs live indoors and can play each day in our garden. We do canine sports with all of them.

Dalia HavanaSince September 2008 we have officially an Italian kennelname : del Paradiso di Cani which means litteraly “of the Paradise of Dogs”. We try to do our best to let the dogs grow up and live in a nice and paradisiacal environment surrounded by a lot of love and attention, with lots of joy and fun and all the necessary care. 
We have bred two litters with our Havana. It was an amazing experience!!

Chocolate Havanese Dalia & Havana

Gioia Dolce VitaWe hope to be able with this site to give information about our Havanese and Havanese in general and to come in contact with other Havanese lovers.

We are a family from Belgium and we live in the province Antwerp (Borsbeek). We are very big animal lovers and a huge part of our free time is dedicated to all kinds of activities with our animals and animals in general.


                                                                  Havanese Gioia, Dolce & Vita


The other part of this website is dedicated to all our animals. As title of our site we have chosen the Italian name Felici Animali which means litteraly “happy animals”. We try to do our best to make our animals as happy as possible, but our dream is that all animals can be happy.
We also have an English Cocker Spaniel. The third part of our website is dedicated to this breed.


HopeYou're welcome to take a look at our website!
If you have any questions or if you want some information about our animals, about possible births, about activities, about the care of them, … you may always contact us:

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                                Havanese Hope

Iliano & Itala


Lots of greetings,
Linda Van den Broecke
Kristine & Laura Goossens
& i nostri Felici Animali  

Havanese « del Paradiso di Cani »


Havanezers Iliano & Itala  




Our Havanese

             Gioia             Dolce               Vita                Itala         Hippy        Dalia      Mistica     Iliano     Havana 

          Quenna                 Tiziano                  Lucca                   Emilia                   Jolie                      Dafne





Canine Drumming Challenge




I'm always thinking about chocolate ... except when I'm asleep ... then I'm dreaming of chocolate











Havana     Hope
 Chocolate Havanese puppy Havana                                                              Havanese pup Hope           



Mistica                                Dalia                              Dolce



Vita Dalia Havana Dolce Gioia
   Vita                             Dalia                                 Havana                               Dolce                         Gioia



Gioia Dolce Vita Dalia Havana
                                     Gioia                              Dolce                                        Vita                                      Dalia                          Havana                             



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