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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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The Havanese is an unknown breed for some people, but once you've been in contact with these nice and attractive dogs you get addicted to them. This rare companion dog really steals your heart. You don't have necessarily have just one Havanese. Havanese are like chocolates ... You can never have just one! 



A Havanese can be described as Happy, Attractive, Variety of colours, Adorable, Naughty, Elegant, Smart, Enthusiastic. These key words demonstrate what we think about the Havanese. A Havanese is an adorable companion dog that has many capacities that will steal many hearts. 


The reason we've bought a Havanese is because of its nice and gentle character. He is not too big and he has beautiful long hairs that need the regular care, but this breeds doesn't lose its hair. The big colour variety is very special in Havanese. The coat can have many different colours: from white to black, from light beige to chocolate brown, from spotted to solid havana brown, ... The colour of the coat doesn't always stay the same. The coat can lighten up or get a bit darker, but the colour can also change. The Havanese is a real chameleon. 


 Information about the chocolate colour


Color gallery of the Havanese (colours, patterns, markings)


Review of our Dog Dance routines











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