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Linda & VitaHello! I’m mother of two daughters, Kristine and Laura. September the 1st of 1999, my husband Philippe died because of cancer. Since my childhood, I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because of my love for animals.

My hobby’s are Doggy Dance, studying courses about animals and taking care of our little zoo at home.







Kristine« Les animaux sont mes amis et je ne mange pas mes amis ».  

                            Quotation de Marguerite Yourcenar. 


(Animals are my friend and I don’t eat my friends)

This quotation summarizes what animals mean to me.  

I’m a 23 years old student. At the University of Antwerp I've finished my studies of Languages and Litterature: French-Italian. I have my Bachelor and Master diploma. The next academic year I've finished the formation of professor. Since last academic year I study Agro- & Biotechnology. I dedicate my free time to activities with animals (walking, Dog Dance, Agility, Canicross, studying courses,…), to Irish dancing and to music. Another passion of mine is horse riding; unfortunately, I don't have enough time at the moment for this hobby.

I can’t imagine a life without animals.







LauraI’m Laura and I’m 17 years old. I love animals and I’m a vegetarian, just like my mother and sister. We have a little ‘farm’. I’m very interested in English and German. I also study at a school of music (acoustic and electrical guitar) and I like horse riding. 





We have been horse riding for several years, but today, we don’t have enough time for this hobby.


In the past, we have had some goldfish and little Russian hamsters.

In 2001, we’ve bought our first dog, Tosca, a little Maltese.

In 2004, our first Havanese has come to our home, Dolce.

In the same year, we’ve bought two rabbits, Luna e Lana, they are ‘Deutsche Klein Widder’ ; two inseparable sisters.

In 2005, we’ve bought a Ragdoll, Kira, her nickname is ‘chat-kira’. She’s a cat that spends most of the time in the house.

In the same year, our second Havanese has come to us, Vita. She’s family of Dolce.

In 2006, we’ve bought three little Roborovski hamsters, three girls who appeared to be one girl and two boys. They’ve had three litters.

In 2007, we’ve bought our third Havanese, Gioia.

In the same year, we’ve adopted three guinea-pigs, Goofy, Daike and Breeze.

In 2008, we’ve bought two other Havanese, the first was Dalia, who has the chocolate gene and the other Havana, who has the brown pigment, but also brown/chocolate hairs.

In 2008, Breeze has given birth to three little guinea-pigs: Gucci, Dunja and Dayita.

In the same year we've bought Teddy Widder Fleur, a very cute rabbit.

In August 2008 we've welkomed the little Havanese Hope in our group.

In December 2008, we've welkomed Mistica, another chocolate & tan Havanese.

In April 2009, the little Havanese Itala has joined our group.

In October 2009, Havana gave birth to a chocolate male. It's Iliano del Paradiso di Cani.
In June 2010, we've welcomed another guinea-pig: Pluto.
In November 2010, we've welcomed an English Cocker Spaniel : Nikita, a chocolate female.

In December 2010, the Havanese Quenna enlarged our group.

In December 2010, Havana gave birth to her second litter : 5 adorable puppies : Je Tiziano, Jolie Lucca, J'Emilia, Jolie Siena and Jolie Dafne del Paradiso di Cani.




Havanese are like CHOCOLATES You can never have just one  Vita Gioia





Apart from taking care of our own animals, who can be called ‘spoiled’, we try to do something for other animals too, who are sometimes not well treated by human beings…

We go walking with dogs of the dog asylum. We support some organisations who defend the rights of the animals. Those persons are doing very good work!!


We also try to enlarge our knowledge about animals (and dogs in particular) by following courses.





Dog DanceIn March 2004, we’ve started doing Dog Dancing (also called Dog Dance, Doggy Dance, Doggy Dancing, Canine Freestyle, Heelwork to Music). We prefer to speak of ‘obedience on music’ because people sometimes have a wrong image of what this very nice canine sport is.


(In future we’ll talk about it more in detail in the part called Dog DanceJ).


We also do Obedience and Agility with our Havanese.

We also like Canicross.