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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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J-litter 2010

Havanese litter 2 J-litter 2010 born on Saturday December 4, 2010
Valter (chocolate parti) & MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana (chocolate & tan)
puppy 1 male 199 gr chocolate irish pied Je Tiziano del Paradiso di Cani
puppy 2 female 220 gr chocolate Jolie Lucca del Paradiso di Cani
puppy 3 female 235 gr chocolate parti sable J'Emilia del Paradiso di Cani
puppy 4 female 202 gr chocolate sable Jolie Siena del Paradiso di Cani
puppy 5 female 230 gr chocolate irish pied Jolie Dafne del Paradiso di Cani


Saturday the 4th of December 2010 Havana and Valter became the proud parents of 5 puppies : one male and four females. This is our second and for the moment last litter. The gestation and delivery went very well. Havana is a good mother for the 5 puppies. We are very happy and proud of Havana!



MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana

MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana

Owner: Nadine Van der Mispel (Belgium)
Pedigree nr.: 
Born: 28/07/2006 in Sweden
Colour: Chocolate Parti
Cataract and PRA free
Patella Luxatie free 0/0 
DNA profile registered
Character: Valter is a very social dog. He is a very active Havanese that steals many hearts with his clown moves. He has an open and cheerful character. His nickname "the lady killer" is not misplaced.
Characteristics: height at the withers, silky coat, pigment everywhere present, dark hazel eyes, perfect scissor bite, straight legs, very nice walk. Valter has already some handsome descendants. He has also obtained good show results. 
Owner: Linda Van den Broecke (Belgium)
Pedigree nr.: R.S.H. 9122674 
Born: 3/11/2007 in Canada
Colour: Chocolate & Tan
Cataract and PRA free
Patella Luxation free 0/0 
DNA profile registered
Character: Havana is a very sweet Havanese that is very attached to the family. Havana is a cheerful, happy and playful dog. She is also very curious. Towards strangers, she can be reserved in the beginning, but once she knows you, she's your best mate. With Havana we do Canine Freestyle and Agility and we've done Obedience (till class C).
Characteristics: 26 cm height at the withers, coat easy to maintain, good pigment everywhere and hazel eyes, perfect scissor bite, straight legs, graceful appearance.

Five puppies are born on Saturday December 4, 2010 between 0.05 AM and 1.38 AM. They have all the brown pigment, i.e. a brown nose. The coat colours and patterns are very nice : chocolate irish pied, chocolate & white markings, chocolate parti sable, chocolate sable en chocolate irish pied/parti.
Valter and Havana are two totally unrelated chocolate Havanese.
We have chosen for this combination in first place for ourselves.



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Breeding and gestation of Havana

Weight scedule of the puppies

Journal and Photos and videos  of the puppies

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