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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana

MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana  


Born:    03/11/2007
With us: 04/03/2008
Sex: Female
Colour:  Chocolate & Tan born
- brown pigment
- tan points gene
Tests: Cataract clear (17.04.2009 - 09.08.2010)
PRA clear (
17.04.2009 - 09.08.2010)
Patella Luxation clear 0/0 


Visit to Nathalie


Havana is a Canadian Chocolate & Tan colored Havanese from Nathalie. She's a female with a pedigree. She is born November 3, 2007. Her parents are Twins Lightning at MystykalSky « Zeus » and MystykalSky's Cerealia Love « Ceres ». She has, as Dalia, the brown pigment so she has a brown nose, brown eyelids, brown lips and brown soles. Her coat is also brown / chocolat with tan markings. She has hazelnut colored eyes. Havana is our fifth Havanese, even though she is a bit older than Dalia. Dogs may only leave Canada 21 days after the rabies vaccination. After some troubles caused by the severe winter in Canada and lots of snow, Havana could fly over to Paris where we picked her up March 4, 2008. Havana was accompanied by Julio, a bit older chocolate male.  

The name « Havana » is an ode to the Havanese breed ; even though the breed is not from Havana, the capital of Cuba. We think it's a nice name.

Havana is born with a dark brown coat colour. After a few weeks, the colour turned into reddish brown. When Havana was more than one year old, the brown colour lightened up a bit. Havana is a lovely dog that follows us the whole time. She is curious and wants to know what we are doing. In the beginning she was a bit shy towards the other dogs, but that changed quickly. She loves playing with Dalia! Even though she is more than a year now, Havana still has some doll puppy moments. She is also very submissive. 

Since April 23, 2008 we follow obedience courses with Havana and Dalia at the dog school Pallieter. At home, we also train Dog Dance exercises. She loves it! Since April 2009 we also do Agility. Outside, Havana can be a bit timide towards strangers and she is shy in new situations. Once she knows you, she is a super sweet and gentle dog. She is just lovely!  

October 23, 2009, Havana gave birth to a chocolate male. He stayed with us. His name is Iliano del Paradiso di Cani.



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Havana 06.03.2008
1 year
Havana 20.12.2008
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Havana 18.09.2009


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Tiziano & Havana

Lucca & Havana & Emilia





Visit to Nathalie, breeder of MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana & Mistica, in Canada

This summer we (Linda, Kristine, Laura) went during our holidays to Canada in the region New Brunswick where we've met the breeder of our MystykalSky's Chocolate Havana (or Havana) & MystykalSky's Chocolate Mistica (or Mistica), Nathalie Savoie-Tremblay of MystykalSky's Havanese.

Sunday July 12 we've landed in Moncton (in the region New Brunswick) and we went further southwards by car. We've stayed that night in a motel in Saint John. The next day we drove to the southern islands Deer Island and Campobello Island that belong to The Fundy Iles. We've passed some hours in the beautiful port town Saint Andrews. In the late afternoon we drove in the direction of Campbellton in the north of New Brunswick. At midnight we arrived in our cottage. The next week we've explored more of the region. In the eastern direction we went to Bathurst and Caraquet (Acadian villages). In Verslag reis Canadathe northern direction we've crossed the bridge and we've visited the region Québec, the part Gaspésie where we've visited the towns Percé and Gaspé. Near this last town you can find the National Park of Canada Forillon where we went « whale watching », an unforgettable experience. In the western direction we've crossed the border to the U.S.A. and we've visited some towns in the region Maine. We've also made some nice walks. And of course we've visited Nathalie and her family a couple of times. It was also very nice to meet the relatives of our Havana and Mistica and the other dogs. Fantastic! They are all very sweet dogs. 

Verslag reis CanadaIt was an adventurous journey « by land, at sea and in the air ». The people in the region where we stayed are very friendly. Canada (region NB) is a beautiful country with lots of nature and wildlife, but distances between the towns are very big. During our stay we've driven more than 3000 km.

Wednesday July 22 we left around 11 o'clock in the morning in the direction of Moncton and Thursday July 23 we arrived home around 15.15h (our time). We have fantastic memories of this wonderful journey!  

We thank Nathalie and her family from the bottom of our heart for their hospitality and for the very nice time in Canada. 

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