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Massivus Angel's Dalia Hanna

Massivus Angel's Dalia Hanna 


Born:    09/11/2007
With us: 07/01/2008
Sex: Female
Colour:  Gold Sable (born)
- brown pigment
- sable gene
Tests: Patella Luxation clear 0/0 
(April 7, 2010)



Dalia is our fourth Havanese. She is a female with pedigree from Hungary from Anikó. She is born November 9, 2007 together with four other sisters. Her parents are Kebic's Mauritz and Massivus Angel's Enya. She has the brown pigment and as a consequence she can not have any black hair or pigment. Her nose, eyelids, lips and soles are brown. She has a beige coat and white head and paws. The endings of the hairs on her ears, her back and her tail are brown, but they lightend up after a few months and now almost invisible, but they are still present.  She has light hazelnut colored eyes (almost amber). We love her soft expression. Dalia was the only brown pigmented dog of the litter. A brother of Mauritz has also the brown pigment. This pigment is present in the line of Dalia's father and mother. Dalia arrived in Brussels January 7, 2008 and she was immediately accepted by the other dogs. As a puppy she was very small. 

« Dalia », written in Italian, refers to the flower dahlia. In Hungarian, this name is also written as « Dalia ». The substantive means « hero » and the adjective « brave ». 

Dalia loves to work with people. She loves playing and acting like a puppy ;). In the beginning she did eat so easily, but now she would do EVERYTHING for food ! We didn't start doing Dog Dance with Dalia, but she with us! One day we wanted to give her some food and she started making circles around our legs. (Would she have seen it of Dolce??) The next exercise, was a circle around her as. Then we deciced to learn her some basic tricks like laying down or sitting. Since April 23, 2008 we do obedience with her. We participate to Dog Dance demonstrations and competitions and she 'dances' wonderful! It's a big joy to work with her! She has so much energy!! She is a happy dog that steals your hearth! 




Hondensport Awards 2009  - Sport Canin Awards 2009  -  Dog Sport Awards 2009

Kristine & Dalia 3rd place on 21 !!

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Visit to Anikó, breeder of Massivus Angel’s Dalia, in Hungary


Visit to HungaryThe idea of a trip to Hungary came up after the bad news of the death of Massivus Angel's Enya, the mother of Massivus Angel's Dalia (or Dalia). We wanted to visit the country of birth of Dalia and to meet Anikó, her breeder. We didn't know Hungary, so it was a good occasion to visit this country. 


Monday morning July 14, 2008 we (Linda and Kristine) left ŕ 4 o' clock to Hungary (Soltszentimre) where Anikó and her family live. We also took Dalia and Havana with us. They behaved very well!! 


In the evening we arrived near Kecskemét where we stayed the night in a motel. The next morning we finished the last kilometres of our 1500 km trip.

At midday we are welcomed by Anikó. It was very nice for her to see Dalia again. We've talked a lot about Havanese of course. In the evening we've had a very good meal.  


Wednesday we've visited with our dogs Balatonfüred, near the Balatonlake, 150 km from Soltszemtimre. We've also visited Tihany. In the evening we've seen Anikó again.


Thursday morning we've said goodbye to Anikó et aroun 8 o' clock we went home again, tired, but very happy because it had been a nice trip and a nice visit to Anikó and her dogs. Hungary was a very nice country. People were very friendly too. We won't forget this journey! 


We like to thank Anikó for her hospitality !


Minél több embert ismerek meg,

annál jobban szeretem a kutyámat.


The more I know people,

the more I like dogs. 





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