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Havanezers - Bichons Havanais

del Paradiso di Cani

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Born:    25/03/2004
With us: 16/05/2004
Sex: Female
Tricolor (born)
Silver & Beige (adult)
- black pigment


Dolce is our first Havanese. She comes from Ypres. She's a pet dog and we will not breed with her. May 16, 2004, we've welcomed her into our home. She was born March 25, 2004 with a Tricolor coat that became Silver and Beige after a few weeks. 

We've chosen the Italian name  Dolce which means as an adjective  sweet, lovely, soft and as a substantive  dessert, sweets .

When Dolce was still a puppy, we started learning her while playing all kinds of basic commands, but also some Dog Dance tricks. She loved it. She also has a big  will to please . At home, she 'works' fantastic. She has a lot of patience. It's very nice to 'dance' with her. Dolce is a very kind dog, but in some unknown situations she can be a bit afraid. She's an easy dog to take care off.  

With Dolce we are NOT going to breed. She is a nice pet dog with a calm character.



Dolce als puppy







8 weeks
Dolce - owned by Linda - photo Linda
3 months
Dolce 16.06.2004
8 months
Dolce 19.11.2004
1 yearDolce 31.07.2005


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